Versa Express Pressure Cooker

The Versa Express pressure cooker is Zavor’s Bed Bath and Beyond exclusive model. It features sleek handles for easier opening and closing and a belly shape for more comfortable browning. Complete with the standard pressure setting (High) and an automatic locking handle, it provides utmost cooking flexibility.

HIGH pressure setting

Max-Fill line

Belly shaped body

Compatible with all stoves including induction

Eat More Fast Food

Pressure cookers make your favorite foods 3x faster than traditional cooking methods and turn out superior results. They have been used across several cultures for hundreds of years to prepare all kinds of delicious dishes.

Quick Cooking

The Versa Express prepares food 3x faster than other cooking methods. Pressure cookers also retain food’s vitamins and minerals, making for healthier meals.

Perfect For Every Meal

Most people don’ t know how many different foods can be made in a pressure cooker. From oatmeal and ribs to shrimp and even cheesecake.

Advanced Safety Features

The silicone gasket keeps all pressure inside the pot while you’re cooking. The automatic locking handle on the lid makes sure it won’t open while there is pressure inside the pot.

Cooking Made Simple

Pressure cooking is much easier than some might thing. Just add your ingredients and cooking liquid, close the lid and set your pressure.

The Versa Express Features...

Pressure valve versa

Pressure regulator with a HIGH pressure setting, a RELEASE setting and a CLEAN setting.

Lock icon Versa

Lock and Unlock icons allow users to easily open and close the lid.

Automatic locking versa

Automatic locking handle will not open when there is pressure inside the pot.

Find Your Size

Versa Express 6.3qt

6.3 Quart

Serves 4 people

Versa Express 8.4qt

8.4 Quart

Serves 6 people

Versa Express Top View

Tech Specs

Stainless Steel

Max-Fill line

Compatible with all stoves

Pressure Cook 

HIGH Pressure = 15psi

Weight & Dimensions 

6.3Qt:   5.52lb   &  16.50″ x 9.80″ x 8.50″

8.4Qt:   6.90lb   &   17.70″ x 10.70″ x 9.00″