Sizzle Air Fryer

The Sizzle Air Fryer is ideal for easy meals on busy days. This versatile basket-style unit that can be used to air fry, broil, crisp, bake, reheat, and more. Zavor’s most compact size air fryer offers 8 cooking options and a nonstick basket with a sizzle tray. This air fryer is the perfect piece for anyone looking for quality cooking in a space saving kitchen electric.

Traditional Air Fryer with a Flair

Traditional basket-style air fryers have taken over the healthy cooking category thanks to their revolutionary frying method – using air instead of oil. The Sizzle Air Fryer takes the basket-style way of frying to the next level with its innovative features that let you create crispy fries, juicy meats, and many more delicous homemade dishes.

The Sizzle Can...

Garlic Parmesan French Fries

Air Fry

Fries, chicken wings, garlic knots, with less fat and oil.

Chocolate Brownies


Delicious cookies, muffins, brownies, and more.

Roasted Broccoli


Broccoli, Chicken, Potatoes, and more.

Grilled lamb chops


Salmon, Lamb, Kebabs!

And More!

Elevate Your Air Fryer

The Sizzle Air Fryer’s basket come with an internal Sizzle Tray that allows foods to sit above the basket bottom, making it easier for air to flow on all sides of food. The Sizzle Tray has an adjustable height to elevate it to accomodate smaller portions of food.

All the Crisp without the Guilt

Indulge in all your favorite fried foods without the extra fat and oil. A single spray goes a long way, give foods a spritz of cooking oil and enjoy the crispy, flavorful results in every bite.

Worry-Free Cooking

Unlike other basket-style air fryers, the Sizzle features a basket window that allows you to easily check on your food without having to open the basket and lose that ever-cruical hot air.

Shake, Shake, Shake!

The Sizzle Air Fryer Oven comes with a preprogrammed Shake Alart that beeps halfway through the cooking time to let you know to shake the basket (or flip your food).

Additional Features

Sizzle Panel

Running lights and panel icons to assist you while cooking.

Sizzle Air Fryer with Chicken

6.3Qt capacity interior with internal light to check foods while cooking.

Sizzle Panel

Mute feature silences all unit beeps and alters.

Accessories Include

Sizzle Tray

1 non-stick Sizzle Tray for easier cooking and cleaning.

Sizzle Air Fryer Open

Tech Specs

1500 Watts



Temperature range 180°F-400°F


Time range 1min-60min


16-segment LED display with intuitive touch controls

6.3 Qt. capacity basket

Mute all unit sounds


Weight & Dimensions 

10.47lb   &   12.40″ x 11.81″ x 11.10″