Silicone Steamer Basket

Zavor’s Silicone Steamer Basket is BPA free and made of FDA-approved, high quality, food grade silicone. It is perfect for steaming vegetables, dumplings, seafood, and more. It features silicone feet and locking handles for convenient cooking as well as a collapsible body for easier storage.

So What Can I Do With It?

The Zavor Silicone Steamer Basket is perfect for steaming vegetables, dumplings, seafood, and more. Try it with frozen foods or prepare your own steamed dish like these Steamed Salmon Filets.

Interlocking Handles

Comes with interlocking handles help easily lift to remove it from your pressure cooker or multi-cooker after steaming.

Elevate Your Food

Includes four silicone feet to keep it from touching the water or cooking liquid when steaming, eliminating the need for an extra trivet.

The Perfect Fit

The pleated body of the steamer basket easily accommodates most cookware and collapses for easy storage. The basket is designed with high walls that keep the foods from falling out of the basket while cooking.

Compatibility is Key

Can be used in Zavor’s stovetop pressure cookers, electric pressure cookers, electric multi-cookers, and traditional cookware pieces.

Silicone Steamer Basket

Tech Specs

8.27” diameter
3.35” height (including feet)
7” height (with handles locked)