Silicone Cooking / Egg Rack

Zavor’s Silicone Cooking / Egg Rack is BPA free and made of FDA-approved, high quality, food grade silicone. It is the most versatile accessory of its kind, capable of being used as a cooking rack, egg rack, cooking sling, trivet, and more! It features locking handles that can also be removed for stackable cooking.

So What Can I Do With It?

The Zavor Silicone Cooking / Egg Rack can help you make an infinite possibility of dishes. You can use it to make roasts, vegetables, fish, and more. The best starting recipe for such a piece is, you guessed it, Hard Boiled Eggs.

Unlike Any Other Accessory

Provides the most versatile cooking accessory on the market. Place food directly on it to use as a cooking rack or place eggs into the 9 available holes to use as an egg rack. Remove the handles and you can use it as a trivet and even a pot holder.

Stack it Up

Has removable handles that allow you to comfortably stack one on top of another for a multi-layer cooking experience.

The Perfect Pairing

If you need to place other accessories or bakeware into your cooker, the cooking/egg rack can be used as a sling to easily insert and remove them.

Complete Compatibility

Can be used in Zavor’s stovetop pressure cookers, electric pressure cookers, electric multi-cookers, air fryer oven, and traditional cookware pieces.

Cooking/Egg Rack

Tech Specs

7.07” diameter
0.98” height