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Zavor’s LUX Edge 2 Masters One-Pot Meals

Where Culinary Joy Meets the Power of Simplicity

Zavor’s LUX Edge 2 Masters One-Pot Meals 1

Not all meals are created equal – some are easier, some are healthier, some are more affordable, and others are all three in just one pot thanks to Zavor’s NEW LUX Edge 2 Multi-Cooker! Multi-cookers like Zavor’s NEW LUX Edge 2 have made one-pot meals so much easier thanks to their effortless functionality, culinary versatility, and minimal cleanup. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, save some money, broaden your culinary horizons, or just avoid an overloaded sink at the end of the day, the LUX Edge 2 is the perfect choice for your one-pot meals.

Quick and Easy

One-pot meals, as the name suggests, are dishes that can be cooked in just one pot. Sounds easy, right? The LUX Edge 2 helps make that even easier thanks to its expansive panel of food specific functions that come equipped with the ideal times and temperatures for fantastic results every time. When pressure cooking with the LUX Edge 2, your favorite recipes can get done even faster, up to 3 times faster! With the LUX Edge 2, you can do all your recipe steps in the same pot too! From sauteing or steaming beforehand, to simmering or keeping foods warm afterwards, the LUX Edge 2 has assist functions to do exactly that, assist you.

Zavor’s LUX Edge 2 Masters One-Pot Meals 2

Healthier Meals

One of the main reasons people prefer to cook is so they can eat healthier. One-pot meals are a fantastic way to retain food’s nutritional value as all your ingredients are cooked together and made to serve. No more losing precious nutrients to draining or separate cooking. When pressure cooking with the LUX Edge 2, you retain even more nutrients, as you eliminate the evaporation or drainage of cooking liquid that often takes most of the nutrients in food with it. Keeping all the ingredients and their liquids in recipes helps to maintain food’s nutritional value.

Affordable Versatility

One-pot can be made with a variety of ingredients including meats, vegetables, grains, and more without breaking the bank. The LUX Edge 2 can take the most basic cuts of meat or bland vegetables and infuse them with unexpected flavor! You can make traditional dishes from your ethnic background, or modern favorites. Whatever you choose to cook, the LUX Edge 2 will help retain all the delicious flavors as all the ingredients get cooked together to create a beautiful medley of well-balanced taste.

A Culinary Masterclass

Most one-pot recipes require very little prep and with the LUX Edge 2, little supervision as well. Even beginner level cooks that are interested in pressure cooking, slow cooking, yogurt making, and more can enter a new realm of culinary possibilities thanks to the LUX Edge 2. Load all your ingredients into the one pot, set your cooking program, and press start. The LUX Edge 2 will do all the heating, temperature/pressure regulation, timing, and after the cooking time is done, will automatically switch to Keep Warm to prevent overcooking. The Yogurt function even comes with a 2-step guide that walks users through their yogurt making process.

Keeping It Clean

One of our favorite benefits of one-pot meals is the minimal cleanup afterwards. Since all your recipe steps are done in the same pot, you only have to worry about washing one afterwards. This is especially convenient for larger families or those who don’t want to spend a ton of time at the sink. The LUX Edge 2 has a lid holder that helps keep your lid off the counter, avoiding messes after cooking. Its removable pot is also dishwasher safe for the easiest cleanup your kitchen has ever seen.