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Zavor Offers Independent Retailers Online Support Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak

Zavor has implemented a 30% off promotion for all their independent retailers’ customers who have faced struggles during the coronavirus outbreak and stay at home order. As non-essential businesses close and consumers are forced to turn to online shopping, Zavor has launched a support program for smaller stores without an online presence.

Zavor offers 30% off all products with a portion of the proceeds going to independent retailers.

Zavor’s promotion for independent retailers will run through the month of April for all interested retailers. Retailers are provided with a unique promo code that their customers can use on Zavor’s web store to purchase their products for up to 30% off. Whenever a retailer’s unique code is used, the retailer will also receive a portion of the proceeds of the sale for their store and staff. Any order that exceeds $35 (USD) will also qualify for free shipping.

In an effort to spread the news to their customers, each independent retailer has been given templates and images for Facebook and Instagram posts to communicate this promotion to their fans and provide them with the unique promo code. Zavor will continue to offer support to all their retailers and customers however possible during these difficult times.