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Zavor Heats Up Electrics Line with New Portable Induction Cooktops and Air Fryers

Zavor G2 Double Induction Cooktop

Zavor has begun debuting their hottest new electric additions to their catalog just in time to keep kitchens cool. With the everchanging trends in culinary gadgets, Zavor has their sights set on the next big thing in kitchen electrics to help everyone cook healthier, faster, and more safely.

First up is the Zavor Sizzle Air Fryer, a classic basket-style fryer that is anything but basic. The Sizzle takes the typical basket air fryer up a level, quite literally. The basket is equipped with a sizzle tray that has an adjustable height for better results. It also includes a shake alarm and a removable basket handle for better storage and cleaning.

Another addition to Zavor’s air fryer line takes the bestselling Crunch and adds even more benefits to bring you the Crust Air Fryer Oven. It still provides the same rotisserie and dehydration functionality while touting 10 preset cooking functions, two more than its predecessor. This powerful unit is more compact, making for easier storage and features an innovative removable door for easier cleaning.

Zavor Crust Air Fryer

From oven to stove, Zavor doesn’t miss a beat. The transition from gas to electric stoves is easier than ever with Zavor’s Onyx Induction Cooktop. If you’re familiar with Zavor’s Induction PRO, then the new Onyx will be very familiar. It features all the same features and benefits with the added bonus of a slanted panel for easier programming, and an expanded temperature range that lets users set it to as low as 110˚F for all their delicate melting needs.

If one burner simply isn’t enough, Zavor’s new G2 Double Induction Cooktop is exactly what you need. It offers two cooking zones, two control panels, and one comfortably portable cooking solution. The power sharing system splits the 1800 watts of power between the two burners, users can program both cooking zones by traditional temperature levels or power levels.

All these new products will be available this August. The Sizzle Air Fryer retails for $119.95. The Crust Air Fryer Oven retails for $159.95. The Onyx Portable Induction Cooktop retails for $129.95. The G2 Double Induction Cooktop retails for $239.95.