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The Future of Food is Plant-Based!

See How Zavor’s Air Fryers Plant Flavor in Your Kitchen

Crust Air Fryer Oven Lifestyle

The culinary world is no stranger to food-based trends, so why not combine two of them? We’re talking about air fryers and plant-based diets. Zavor’s NEW Sizzle Air Fryer and Crust Air Fryer Oven are perfect for all your culinary needs, including the ever growing plant-based food trend. With an air fryer, adopting a plant-based lifestyle is easier than ever, keep reading to find out how.  


The health benefits of vegetables are well-known, but air frying vegetables is a far easier and healthier way to prepare them. Air fryers like the Zavor Sizzle Air Fryer add a crispy texture to your favorite veggies faster than an oven as they require little to no preheating time. The Sizzle also includes a Shake Alert that lets you know to toss the basket (or flip your food) halfway through the cooking time. All Zavor air fryers come with a preset cooking function for Vegetables with a specific cooking temperature and time for optimal results.

Sizzle Wings and Fries


Plant-based diets don’t start and end with vegetables. One of the most common plant-based pantry items is chickpeas. They’re high in fiber and protein and are very easily adapted to a variety of delicious recipes. One of the easiest and most delicious ways to enjoy chickpeas is roasted. Our Crust Air Fryer Oven is a great unit for roasting your chickpeas as it has two nonstick cooking trays that allow you to roast more chickpeas at a time.


Anyone who says they don’t like tofu just hasn’t had it prepared the right way, that is, in an air fryer. Tofu is one of the most adaptable ingredients, it takes on the flavor of whatever you use to season it and it can be prepared almost any which way you like, but it really shines when air fried. The hot air that circulates on the top and bottom of the tofu, thanks to the mesh cooking trays that come with the Zavor Crust Air Fryer Oven, gets a crispy texture similar to deep frying but without all the excess oil.


Air fryers can handle all potatoes, whether they’re whole, halved, cut into fries, wedges, waffles, curls, or made into a hash. Just drizzle a little oil on them, add your favorite seasoning, and get cooking. One of the main benefits of air frying potatoes is the reduced cooking time compared to traditional baking or roasting. All Zavor air fryers have a preset cooking function for “Fries” that can be used for all potato recipes.

Plant-Based Burgers

Whether they’re veggie burgers, bean burgers, or even plant-based meat like Beyond Beef, they can all be easily prepared in an air fryer with fantastic results like if they were grilled. Even frozen burgers don’t require a defrosting period, just throw them into the Zavor Crust and get that perfectly succulent plant-based burger each time. The best part is, any juicy drips and drops that might fall onto the air fryer door after cooking can easily be washed in the sink as the Crust Air Fryer Oven has a removable door! To see the removable door in action, click here.


Most sweets are pretty meat-free from what we’ve seen, making them the perfect plant-based indulgence! Zavor air fryers all have a Bake function for your favorite cookies, cakes, muffins, and more! One of the best, most plant-based sweets is simply fruit, but why not make it better? Zavor’s Crust has a Dehydrate function that turns your favorite fruits into delicious snacks that you can enjoy on the go.