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Exquisite Design and Superior Performance Combine in Zavor Noir Cookware Collection

Editorial Summary

  • Zavor launches a customizable cast aluminum cookware collection including individual open stock pieces, skillet sets, and a 7-piece set.
  • Zavor’s Noir cast aluminum cookware comes in a beautiful black finish with a Whitford Fusion Ti coating and customizable handles and grips in 6 colors.
Exquisite Design and Superior Performance Combine in Zavor Noir Cookware Collection 1

Zavor is proud to announce their first line of cast aluminum cookware – The Noir Cookware Collection. Cast aluminum is one of the best and most popular materials for cookware, providing superior heat conductivity to stainless steel, a more lightweight alternative to cast iron, and less likely to rust or corrode than carbon steel. Zavor’s Noir Cookware Collection is extremely durable and retains heat, allowing for even cooking without hot spots.

Zavor’s Noir Cookware features a Whitford Fusion Ti ceramic non-stick interior coating and tempered glass lids with a steam vent and a flat design for easy storage. What sets this cookware collection apart from the rest is the customizable color options for the removable handles and silicone grips. The Noir collection pieces and sets come with all black handles for each piece that can be easily removed and replaced with one of Zavor’s color options for both handles and grips – red, butternut squash orange, royal blue, purple, sky blue, and mint green. These color handles can be used to match your kitchen, your cooking, or even the season. They can also be used to identify allergy or diet-specific cookware. The removable handles allow skillets and pans to be placed in the dishwasher much more comfortably and provide a more compact storage solution. When removed, the pieces in this collection are oven safe up to 550°F.

Exquisite Design and Superior Performance Combine in Zavor Noir Cookware Collection 2

The interior Whitford Fusion Ti nonstick ceramic coating contains no toxins, heavy metals, BPA, PTFEs or PFOAs, which are major consumers of CO2. Each piece’s interior is coated with this smooth ceramic layer, making the cookware incredibly easy to clean. In addition to the interior benefits, the smooth 430 stainless steel base of the cookware is compatible with all cooktops including induction.

The Noir Cast Aluminum Cookware Collection will include (and retail for); three skillets in 8”, 10” and 12” diameters ($39.95, $49.95, $59.95), an 11” grill pan ($49.95), a 4.5qt sauté pan ($79.95), a 6qt sauté pan ($89.95), a 5qt Dutch oven ($79.95), a 7qt Dutch oven ($89.95), a skillet set with 8” and 10” skillets ($79.95), a skillet set with 10” and 12” skillets ($99.95), and a 7 piece cookware set ($229.95) which will include a 12” skillet, 4.5qt sauté pan, 5qt Dutch oven, and 1.5qt saucepan.

Zavor’s new cookware pieces are designed to go from the stovetop or oven to an elegant table presentation. The simple yet modern design offers absolute cook-and-serve convenience and the customizable color handles allow users to pair their cookware to their kitchen aesthetic.

The Noir Cookware Collection will be available in Late March 2021.