Noir Cast Aluminum Sauté Pan

The Noir Sauté Pans offer a high-quality, cast aluminum piece complete with a PPG Fusion Ti ceramic interior coating. Their strong side handles feature silicone grips that can be easily removed and replaced with one of 6 color options – red, butternut orange, mint green, sky blue, royal blue, and purple. The lids are flat for convenient storage and made of tempered glass for durability. The Noir Sauté Pans are also compatible with all domestic stoves including induction.

Light and durable cast aluminum construction

PPG Fusion Ti ceramic interior

Oven safe up to 535˚F when grips are removed

Flat glass lids with vent and silicone rim

Induction compatible

An All-Around Advantage in the Kitchen

Those who are keen on cookware know what a reliable and functional piece of cookware a sauté pan can be. Sauté pans are perfect for dry or wet cooking, thanks to their taller sides, giving them an advantage over traditional skillets. Sauté pans also provide more surface space to work with, making them great for searing meat or making saucier dishes.

The Noir Sauté Pans are Perfect for...

Noir Skillet with food


Noir Saure pan with sauce


Braised food


Fried food


And More!

Ceramic Smooth, Titanium Tough

The Noir Sauté Pans come with a PPG Fusion Ti interior coating that provides a smooth and non-stick cooking surface. But smooth doesn’t always mean soft; the PPG Fusion Ti is made with titanium-based particles to provide fantastic durability and resistance to abrasion. This ceramic coating is in compliance with food contact regulations, guaranteed to provide a healthful cooking surface, and is made without BPA, PTFE, and PFOA.

Lightweight, that can Handle the Heat

Where most high performing cookware can be bulky and burdensome, the Noir Sauté Pans offer a lightweight cast aluminum alternative with superior heat distribution for better cooking. Cast aluminum is one of the best conductors of heat you can find and at a fraction of the weight of other cookware alternatives. It is also longer lasting and lower maintenance, ensuring longevity with ease.

Presenting Your New Statement Piece

The Noir pieces not only perform in the kitchen, they also adorn on the dining table. They come with removable silicone grips that can be replaced by one of 6 color options. Use the colors to match your kitchen, your cooking, the season, and more. They can also be used to identify allergy or diet-specific cookware for safer cooking.

Universal Cooking & Cleaning

The Noir Sauté Pans offer convenience from start to finish. Compatible with all domestic stoves, including induction, as well as oven safe up to 535˚F when the silicone grips are removed. When you’re done, cleaning is a breeze thanks to the ceramic interior.

The Noir Sauté Pans Feature...

Noir 4.5qt Saute

Removable silicone grips with clasp design.

6qt saute pan - overhead

Flat, tempered glass lid with steam vent

Noir 12 inch skillet

PPG Fusion Ti interior coating.

Noir on PRO induction cooktop

Induction compatible base.

Handle Your Cookware

Silicone grips are available in the following colors:


Butternut Orange

Mint Green

Royal Blue

Sky Blue


Saute Pan - Profile

Size & Specs

4.5 Qt. Sauté Pan

15.50″ x 11.37″ x 3.12″ (4.03lb)


6 Qt. Sauté Pan

17.12″ x 13.00″ x 3.37″ (5.33lb)

Use and Care Warnings

  • Do Not Use High Heat: Using high heat will damage the inner ceramic coating and void warranty. Use only low to medium heat to ensure the longevity of the interior PPG Fusion Ti ceramic coating
  • Do Not Use Cooking Spray: Cooking sprays will compromise the integrity of the interior nonstick ceramic coating and void your warranty. Any cooking oil used must be poured or spooned into the cookware
  • Hand Wash Recommended