Noir Cast Aluminum Grill Pan

The Noir Grill Pan adds a unique element to this cookware collection. Cast with high-quality aluminum and complete with a PPG Fusion Ti ceramic interior coating. The long handle can be removed and replaced with one of 6 color options – red, butternut orange, mint green, sky blue, royal blue, and purple. This grill pan is compatible with all domestic stoves, including induction, letting you bring the grilling inside on a rainy day.

Light and durable cast aluminum construction

PPG Fusion Ti ceramic interior

Removable handle for easier storage

Oven safe up to 535˚F when handles are removed

Induction compatible

Get Grilling - No Backyard Required

Most grill recipes can easily be done without the coal and propane, which is perfect when a full outdoor grill isn’t in the budget. The sheer convenience of the Noir Grill Pan, thanks to its nonstick interior and convenient size, will have you cranking out some amazing steaks, sausages, burgers, and more!

The Noir Grill Pan is Perfect for...

grilled steak

Steaks & Chops

grilled burger


grilled eggplant

Fruits & Vegetables

grilled sandwich


And More!

Non-stick Ceramic Works Like a Charm

The Grill Pan’s PPG Fusion Ti interior coating that gives it its fantastic non-stick capability, but that’s not all. The PPG Fusion Ti is made with titanium-based particles, making it more durable and resistant to abrasion. It is in compliance with food contact regulations and is made without BPA, PTFE, and PFOA.

Turn up the Heat, Turn down the Weight

Want to get those high heat grill results at home? Cast aluminum has superior heat retention and distribution for better cooking, it is also longer lasting and lower maintenance than many other cookware alternatives. While keeping things hot, it keeps them lightweight compared to traditional cookware, such as cast iron.

Streamlined Grill Line Design

The Noir grill pan doesn’t only look great, it’ll leave your foods looking great with those sought after deep dark grill lines. But it’s not all dark here, the removable handle that can be replaced with one of 6 color options. They can also be used to identify allergy or diet-specific cookware, to match your kitchen, your cooking, or even the season.

Grill It Wherever You'd Like

Not only can the Noir Grill Pan be used on your stove, it can also be placed in the oven! Use it on any domestic stove, including induction, for a traditional grilling experience. Remove the handle and you can put it in the oven up to 535˚F. When you’re done, keep the handle off for easier hand washing in the sink.

The Noir Grill Pan Features...

skillet with decoupled handle

Removable handles with internal screw system.

Grill Pan Overhead

Grill lines for a beautiful finish.

Grill Pan

PPG Fusion Ti interior coating.

Noir on PRO induction cooktop

Induction compatible base.

Handle Your Cookware

Removable handles are available in the following colors:


Butternut Orange

Mint Green

Royal Blue

Sky Blue


Grill Pan

Size & Specs

11″ Grill Pan

19.12″ x 12.00″ x 2.12″ (2.50lb)

Use and Care Warnings

  • Do Not Use High Heat: Using high heat will damage the inner ceramic coating and void warranty. Use only low to medium heat to ensure the longevity of the interior PPG Fusion Ti ceramic coating
  • Do Not Use Cooking Spray: Cooking sprays will compromise the integrity of the interior nonstick ceramic coating and void your warranty. Any cooking oil used must be poured or spooned into the cookware
  • Hand Wash Recommended