Noir Color 2 Grip Set

The Noir Cookware Collection includes several different pieces that come with two silicone grips for side handles. They provide a comfortable, yet secure grip that protects your hands from hot cookware handles. They are available in 6 color options – red, butternut orange, mint green, sky blue, royal blue, and purple. Use the colors to match your kitchen, your cooking, the season, and more. They can also be used to identify allergy or diet-specific cookware for safer cooking.

High-quality silicone construction

Sold as a set of 2

6 color options

Oven safe up to 302˚F

Dishwasher safe

Get a Grip!

When we at Zavor developed the Noir cookware collection, we knew that just like different flavor palettes, most people prefer different color palettes as well. So while our Noir cookware offers a stunning and dark cooking solution, you can make your pieces truly your own with playful pops of color. The silicone grips on our pieces offer fashion and functionality, keeping your hands safe from the heat but your cookware looking hot!

High-Quality Silicone Construction

The Noir silicone grips are made of just that, high-quality silicone. They provide a lightweight and heat resistant solution to otherwise cumbersome kitchen towels and mitts when handling hot cookware. Whether you’re moving your cookware around on the stove, or taking it out of the oven after cooking, the silicone grips help make cooking a lot easier.

Easy to Clean Silicone

The Noir silicone grips not only offer a color customization to your cookware, they are also extremely easy to clean when done. Pop them off your cookware and run them under the sink with a little soap and gentle scrubbing. Any spills or splatters easily wipe off, so you don’t have to stop the sizzle!

Offering Unsurpassed Convenience

The convenience of the silicone grips doesn’t stop on the stove. Remove the grips before placing cookware in the oven, they’ll provide a cool alternative to a kitchen towel when done cooking. Put the silicone grips back on and take your cookware from oven to table with a brilliant pop of color, and we don’t just mean the food.

The Noir Removable Handles Feature...

7qt Dutch oven lifestyle - purple grips

Secure clasp design to securely hold on to short handles.

4.5qt saute pan lifestyle - Royal Blue grips

Easy-to-clean silicone construction.

Handle Your Cookware

Silicone grips are available in the following colors:


Butternut Orange

Mint Green

Sky Blue

Royal Blue


Grip Set Collage

Size & Specs

Silicone Grips (each)

3.25” x 1.12” x 2.25” – (0.11 lbs.)