Noir Cast Aluminum Cookware Collection

Exquisite Design Meets Superior Performance

Traditional Cookware, Contemporary Design

The Noir Cookware Collection is Zavor’s first line of traditional cookware. We at Zavor knew we wanted to bring something uniquely beautiful to our catalog and your kitchens that would add elegance and functionality while maintaining and appreciating your individual style. The Noir Collection is the perfect combination of sophisticated style and durable dependability.

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Unique Removable Handles & Grips

Each piece of the Noir Cookware Collection comes with removable handles & silicone grips that can be replaced with 6 different color options, for a stunning presentation at any table.

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Constructed to Perform

Cast aluminum is one of the best conductors of heat as well as one of the most lightweight cookware materials. This makes the Noir pieces easily maneuverable yet intensely functional.

An All-Around Answer

The Noir cookware collection brings you convenience from start to finish. The pieces can be used on all domestic stoves, including induction, and any domestic oven, opening a world of culinary possibilities.

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From Kitchen to Table

The Noir pieces are designed with presentation in mind. The color handles help create an elegant presentation at any dining table, guaranteed to gather everyone around, cause we all know traditions are not made overnight, they’re made one delicious meal at a time.

The Noir Cookware Features...

6qt saute pan - overhead

Flat, tempered glass lid with steam vent.

skillet decoupled handle

Removable handles with internal screw system.

Noir 4.5 Saute

Removable silicone grips with clasp design.

Noir 12 skillet

Whitford Fusion Ti interior coating.

Noir on PRO

Induction compatible base.

Why Whitford?

Whitford 800

Just like most top-quality ceramic coatings, Whitford Fusion Ti is made without BPA, PTFE, and PFOA.

Unlike other ceramic coatings, it is made with titanium-based particles for better durability and resistance to abrasion.

Whiford Fusion Ti has also been evaluated to ensure compliance with food contact regulations, providing a healthful cooking surface and peace of mind.

Explore the Assortment

The Noir Cookware Collection Includes…

Sauté Pans

Dutch Ovens


Grill Pans

7 Piece Set

Handle Your Cookware

Browse our Color Handle & Grip Offering

Removable Color Handles

Removable Color 2 Grip Sets

Removable Color 6pc Handle & Grip Set

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