Noir Color Long Handle

The Noir Cookware Collection includes several different pieces with removable long handles. They provide a comfortable, yet sturdy grip while cooking and a convenient removable solution for cleaning and storage. They can be replaced with one of 6 color options – red, butternut orange, mint green, sky blue, royal blue, and purple. They can also be used to identify allergy or diet-specific cookware for safer cooking or, if you just prefer presentation, they can match your kitchen, your cooking, or even the season.

Light and durable construction

6 color options

Silicone coated

Oven safe up to 302˚F

Can You Handle It?

Black goes with everything, but a little color brings life into the picture. That was the goal when we developed the Noir cookware collection with removable handles that can be switched with one of our color options. We all have different taste when it comes to food, why should it stop there? Make your Noir cookware truly your own, whether you prefer a lighter sky blue or a fiery red, these handles are bound to catch everyone’s eye.

Lightweight Construction

The Noir removable handles are made of lightweight, heat resistant, and extremely durable plastic. They offer a sturdy, yet smooth arm for all your culinary needs. Whether you’re tossing your food in a skillet, pouring your sauce out of a saucepan, or just carrying your dish from stove to table, the removable handles assist every step of the way.

Easy to Clean Silicone

The Noir removable handles come with a silicone coating that not only offers color customization in your kitchen, it also provides a secure grip while cooking. The removable handles are also extremely easy to clean thanks to this silicone coating, all you need is a little soap and water, and your handles will be looking good as new each time.

Convenience from Start to Finish

The convenience of removing handles from your cookware was probably not something even considered before, but it changes everything. Remove the handle when placing cookware in the oven to increase the oven safe temperature of the cookware to 550˚F! Remove the handle to avoid hitting other dishes or sink walls when washing. The most convenient though is removing the handles for storage to easily fit your cookware without having to rearrange the entire cabinet. To watch how to attach and remove the removable handle, click here.

The Noir Removable Handles Feature...

skillet with decoupled handle

Internal screw system to easily attach and remove handles from your cookware.

12in skillet - Royal Blue handle

Durable construction.

10in Skillet - Sky Blue handle

Easy-to-clean silicone coating.

Handle Your Cookware

Removable handles are available in the following colors:


Butternut Orange

Mint Green

Sky Blue

Royal Blue


Removing & Replacing the handles is a Breeze

Compatible with

 Noir Skillets (including sets)

Noir Grill Pan

Noir Saucepan (7 Piece Cookware Set)

long skillet handle collage

Size & Specs

Removable Handles (each)

6.81” x 1.5” x0 .78” – (0.25 lbs.)