Noir 6 piece Color Handle & Grip Set

Colorful accessories for the Noir 7 Piece Cookware Set, which features removable long handles and silicone grips for side handles. They provide a convenient removable solution for cleaning and storage as well as a comfortable, yet sturdy grip while cooking. They can easily be replaced with one of 6 color options – red, butternut orange, mint green, sky blue, royal blue, and purple. Use them to identify allergy or diet-specific cookware, to match your kitchen, your cooking, or even the season.

Includes 2 removable handles and 4 silicone grips

6 color options

Easy to clean silicone

Oven safe up to 302˚F

Grips are dishwasher safe, long handles are not

Let Us Give You a Hand

What’s better than having all the right accessories when you need them? Being able to get them all at once. The 6 Piece Handle & Grip Set is the perfect accessory for your Noir 7 Piece Cookware Set. Our 6 different color options let you keep your cookware set consistently matching and uniform. Is order in the kitchen not really your thing? You can mix and match the pieces with the Noir’s stock black handles for an interesting twist!

Convenient Cooking

The Noir removable handles and silicone grips are lightweight and heat resistant yet extremely durable to handle all your recipes. The removable handles are perfectly sturdy for tossing your food or even just carrying your dish from stove to table. The silicone grips are a perfect solution to cumbersome kitchen towels and mitts when handling hot cookware.

Easy to Clean Silicone

Extremely easy to clean thanks to their silicone construction and coating, all you need is a little soap and water for a quick clean that gets you out of the kitchen and over to the dining table a whole lot faster.

Hands On or Off

The convenience of removing the handles and grips from your cookware takes a lot of stress out of cooking, cleaning, and storage. Remove handles to avoid hitting other items when washing in the sink or storing to easily fit your cookware in your cabinets. Don’t forget to put them back on before bringing your cooking to the table for a beautiful pop of color to your presentation. To watch how to attach and remove the removable handle, click here.

The Noir 6 Piece Handle and Grip Set Features...

skillet with decoupled handle

Internal screw system to easily attach and remove handles from your cookware.

5qt dutch oven lifestyle - butternut grips

Secure clasp grip design to securely hold on to short handles.

10in skillet lifestyle - royal blue handle

Durable construction.

4.5qt saute pan lifestyle - red grips

Easy-to-clean silicone coating.

Handle Your Cookware

The 6 Piece Handle and Grip Set is available in the following colors:


Butternut Orange

Mint Green

Sky Blue

Royal Blue


Removing & Replacing the handles is a Breeze

7 Piece cookware Set Lifestyle with sky blue handles

Size & Specs

Removable Handles (each)

6.81” x 1.5” x0 .78” – (0.25 lbs.)


Silicone Grips (each)

3.25” x 1.12” x 2.25” – (0.11 lbs.)