8pc Home Canning Kit

Home canning is a method of preserving and storing some of your favorite recipes. This kit includes all the accessories you need to properly preserve canned foods right at home – mason jars not included. The full color canning cookbook includes instructions on how to can foods at home and provides some delicious recipes.

Of Course You Can!

Zavor’s Home Canning Kit is recommended for use with all Zavor stovetop pressure cookers of 10 Qt. capacity or larger. The Home Canning Kit can also be used with Zavor Electric Pressure Cookers and Multi-Cookers of 6 Qt. size or larger ONLY for high acid foods such as jams and jellies.

Canning Made Easy

This kit comes with the tools you need to begin canning and preserving foods at home. The components allow you to safely use your preferred canning method to preserve large batches of foods and avoid expensive trips to the grocery store.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & More

Canning isn’t only for pickles. Foods such as sauces, meats, vegetables, and more can all be preserved with this canning kit. Combine it with any of our stovetop pressure cookers for even faster canning experience.

Can You Believe All The Benefits?

Home canning is a great way to save money and cut down on waste. Canning is eco-friendly with no BPA or additives, leaving food tasting fresh and delicious!

Everything You Need to Know

The home canning cookbook that comes with the kit has detailed information about at-home canning as well as several delicious recipes for jams, meats, and more!

Home Canning Kit Features...

DUO 10pc canning set

This kit can be used for water bath canning and pressure canning.

ladle and funnel circle

All components that come in contact with food are BPA free.

Home Canning Cookbook

Bilingual canning cookbook includes instructions for pint and quart jars.

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