G2 Double Induction Cooktop

The G2 Double Induction Cooktop provides the convenience of two burners in one energy efficient unit. Both burners share the 1800 watts of power between 9 power/temperature levels. It quickly and evenly heats up your cookware, allowing you to cook twice as fast as other cooking surfaces.

9 Power/Temp Levels from 110°F- 465°F or 300W-1800W

MAX Button

Power Sharing

Built-In Timer

Safety Lock

Double the Efficiency, Half the Time

The G2 Double Induction Cooktop takes efficiency to the next level thanks to its two burners. Get your meal and side done at once, or cook on one while keeping previously cooked food warm on the other. Either way, you’re saving time, money, and energy.

Share the Power

The G2 offers 9 power levels split between both burners, so you can use the two simultaneously without overpowering the unit. It will automatically adjust temperature or power levels when using both burners.

Maximize your Kitchen

The MAX button pulls all 1800 watts of power to one burner with the touch of a button, getting things hotter faster.

Safety x2

Both burners have their own easy-to-use touch control panels with independent safety locks to disable panel controls while cooking. The stay-cool surface doesn’t generate or transfer heat between burners.

Unsurpassed Versatility

The G2 offers a cooking solution that doesn’t limit you to one pot or pan. Make separate dishes simultaneously or use it as a buffet warmer. It is ideal for studio apartments, campers, dorm rooms, and more.

Safety First

Induction cooktop lock button

The safety lock disables all panel controls.

induction cooktop with boiling water

Surface does not generate heat.

G2 Double Induction Cooktop with DUO and Noir Skillet

Automatically shuts off if no induction compatible cookware is detected.

Check Your Cookware

To check if your other cookware is induction compatible, simply take a refrigerator magnet and stick it to the bottom of the cookware. If it sticks, it is compatible.

Induction compatible cookware includes:

Induction cooktop with melting chocolate

Stainless Steel

breakfast pan

Cast Iron

enamel cast iron

Enameled Iron & Steel

G2 Double Induction Cooktop 2

Tech Specs

9 Power/Temperature Levels:
110°F – 300W
175°F – 450W
210°F – 600W
250°F – 800W
300°F – 1000W
355°F – 1200W
390°F – 1350W
430°F – 1600W
465°F – 1800W

Timer up to 150 minutes

Weight & Dimensions

13.44lb   &  22.12″(L) x 13.77″(W) x 2.44″(H)