EZLock Pressure Cooker

The EZLock pressure cooker is designed with the latest innovation – an automatic universal self-locking mechanism, that ensures the utmost ease of use. The lid needs no alignment as you can lock it in place at any position on the pressure cooker pot. Complete with two pressure settings (High and Low), it provides the flexibility to cook even the most delicate dishes.

Universal locking lid

2 pressure settings

Short side handles

Max-Fill line

Turn Up The Pressure

Pressure cookers have been used for many years and have come a long way since then. The latest innovation can be seen in the EZLock pressure cooker. It provides all the same cooking benefits with an unsurpassed ease of use.

Fit For All Meals

The EZLock is capable of making delicious dishes for every meal and every diet. Whether you need a quick breakfast or a vegan dinner, a pressure cooker can handle it all.

Faster Than Your Average Cooker

Pressure cookers prepare food 3x faster than any other cooking tool. They save you time and energy in the kitchen and produce a more flavorful and nutritious meal.

Unsurpassed Safety Features

The EZLock’s name says it all. The lid easily locks into place with the turn of a knob. It will clamp onto the pot and – if pressure is bulit inside the pot – will not unlock. The silicone gasket ensures that the pressure stays in the pot while cooking.

Couldn't be Easier.

Using a pressure cooker only requires a few simple steps. Place all ingredients into the pot, close and lock the lid, set the pressure and get cooking!

Locking Easy as 1, 2, 3

step 1 - hold the ezlock lid

1. Place lid on pressure cooker pot in any position.

Step 2 - place the ezlock lid on the pot

2. Turn the top knob counterclockwise.

Step 3 - turn to close the ezlock lid

3. The knob will click when the lid is locked.

The EZLock Features...

EZLock top closeup

Pressure regulator with 2 pressure settings, a RELEASE setting and CLEAN setting.

EZLock top view

Universal locking system allows you to close and lock the lid on the pot at any position.

EZLock with steamer basket

Includes stainless steel steamer basket and trivet.

Find Your Size

EZLock Pressure Cooker, 6qt

6 Quart

Serves 4 people

EZLock Pressure Cooker, 7.4qt

7.4 Quart

Serves 5 people

EZLock Pressure Cooker, 8qt

8 Quart

Serves 6 people

EZLock Pressure Cooker, 10qt

10 Quart

Serves 8 people

EZLock Pressure Cooker, 12qt

12.7 Quart

Serves 10 people 
Ideal for Canning

EZLock lid open with food

Tech Specs

Stainless Steel
Universal locking system
Max-Fill line
Compatible with all stoves

Pressure Cook
HIGH Pressure = 15psi
LOW Pressure = 10psi

Canning Capacity**
10Qt: Fits up to Four (4) 1-Quart Mason Jars or Four (4) Pint Jars
12.7Qt: Fits up to Four (4) 1-Quart Mason Jars or Five (5) Pint Jars

Weight & Dimensions
6Qt:   6.50lb   &   14.20″ x 10.00″ x 8.70″
7.4Qt:   6.90lb   & 14.20″ x 10.00″ x 10.10″
8Qt:   7.60lb   &   15.00″ x 10.80″ x 9.50″
10Qt:   8.10lb   &  15.00″ x 10.80″ x 11.20″
12.7Qt:   10.70lb   &  15.28″ x 12.00″ x 11.61″

** To ensure proper pressure and temperature is achieved for safe processing, you must process at least 2 quart or 4 pint jars in the pressure canner at one time.