Elite Pressure Cooker

The Elite pressure cooker is Zavor’s Macy’s exclusive model. It is equipped with the standard pressure setting (High) and an automatic locking handle. Also available as a set, the Elite is the perfect introductory pressure cooker.

HIGH pressure setting

Max-Fill line

Compatible with all stoves including induction

Pressure How You Want It

Picture having your favorite foods prepared in a fraction of the time it normally takes. With a pressure cooker, that is a reality. Pressure cookers provide superb cooking results in much less time and they retain food’s vitamins and nutrients.

One Pot. All The Meals

Pressure cookers aren’t just great for cooking legumes, they can handle almost anything! From pasta and ribs to soup and even cheesecake.

Meals in Minutes

Pressure cookers help maintain food’s natural vitamins and nutrients while cooking 3x faster than other cooking methods, making them a culinary powerhouse.

3-Point Safety System

When there is pressure inside the pot, the automatic locking handle won’t allow the lid to be opened. The silicone gasket keeps a tight seal on the lid, ensuring a completely safe cooking experience.

Meals Made Easy

As simple as loading your ingredients into the pot, closing the lid and setting to pressure. After the cooking time is up, just turn the knob to release the pressure.

The Elite Features...

Pressure Valve

Pressure regulator with a HIGH pressure setting, a RELEASE setting and a CLEAN setting.

Lock icon

Lock and Unlock icons allow users to easily open and close the lid.

Automatic locking

Automatic locking handle will not open when there is pressure inside the pot.

Find Your Size

Elite Pressure Cooker 4.2qt

4.2 Quart

Serves 2 people

Elite Pressure Cooker 6.3qt

6.3 Quart

Serves 4 people

Elite Pressure Cooker 10qt

10 Quart

Serves 8 people

Elite Pressure Cooker Set

Elite Set

Serves up to 6 people

Elite Pressure Cooker Set

Tech Specs

Stainless Steel

Max-Fill line

Compatible with all stoves

Pressure Cook 

HIGH Pressure = 15psi

Weight & Dimensions 

4.2Qt:   5.00lb   &   16.50″ x 9.80″ x 6.50″

6.3Qt:   5.60lb   &  16.50″ x 9.80″ x 8.70″

10Qt:   7.00lb   &   17.70″ x 10.70″ x 10.40″

Set: 12.80lb