DUO 10-Piece Pressure Canning Set

The DUO Pressure Cooker has been named “Best Buy” by America’s Test Kitchen and “Best of the Test” of stove-top pressure cookers by a leading culinary magazine. It features sleek and ergonomically designed handles for easier opening and closing. This set includes the 10 Qt. DUO pressure cooker and all the accessories you need to properly preserve canned foods right at home.

  • 10 Qt. DUO Pressure Cooker/Canner
  • Canning Rack
  • Jar Wrench
  • Jar Lifter
  • Magnetic Lid Lifter
  • BPA Free Funnel
  • BPA Free Ladle
  • BPA Free Bubble Remover
  • Home Canning Cookbook
  • Pressure Cooking Recipe Book
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We purchased it and put it through its paces, using all the same tests. (...) The rebranded model by Zavor is our new Best Buy.... Read More

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Yes, You Can!

Canning foods at home has increased in popularity. Families are educating themselves on methods of canning. The DUO Pressure Canning Set comes with everything you need to begin preparing and storing some of your favorite recipes right at home!

Canning, Two Ways

This set comes with all the tools you need to begin pressure canning at home. The components allow you to use the water bath method or the pressure canning method.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & More

Canned isn’t only for pickles. Food such as jams, salsas, fruits, chilis, and more can all be preserved at home with this canning set.

Pressure Gets The Job Done

Pressure canning is the only canning method that reaches the high temperature needed to safely preserve low acid foods.

Everything You Need to Know

The home canning cookbook that comes with the set has all the information you need to begin canning foods at home.

The DUO Features...

Pressure regulator with 2 pressure settings, a RELEASE setting and CLEAN setting.

Lock and Unlock icons allow users to easily open and close the lid.

Automatic locking handle will not open when there is pressure inside the pot.

Home Canning Kit (ZACCWAK22)

Home Canning Kit

For customers who already own a pressure cooker, you can purchase our Home Canning Kit that includes all the canning tools and the home canning cookbook.