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ZPot Pressure Cooker

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Manning
Love it!

I had a Fagor for decades, that travelled with me across the country in a VW van, and a micro mini motor home, and to the Caribbean. It survived a lot of abuse, and salt water!
This one is bigger, and just as awesome!! Thank you!

Aaron Harris

Not yet

Brand Woods
Works great, looks great, takes some practice

The only problem I've had is knowing when exactly to turn the heat down and let it cook. Some specific pictures in the instructions of what to look for would help. I wait until steam forces out of the "pressure" knob and then I turn the heat down to medium low. This way I know I have enough pressure for sure.

So many uses

I have used a few times and im really liking this pressure cooker, there is so many ways you can use it and for endless recipes. The 6.3 qt is a good size, i can cook enough food in it to feed my family of four. This past Sunday i made a bone gravy, it usually takes a couple hours to get meat to fall off bones. using the Zpot has reduced the time it needed to be cooked drastically. I am so impressed that even though it cooked so much faster, the flavor of my gravy came out like i had cooked it for hours. My only issue is some food sticks to bottom of pot if cooked at high temperatures and I do have one concern, the plastic handle parts, Im hoping it lasts and stays strong with the pot and doesn't break or is effected by many uses. I love that it has measuring marks inside to guide you with its maximum amount of food to use in this size pot. I like that the zpot is not overly heavy, its easy to move around with food if needed. The pot itself seems to be good quality, its not a cheap type of metal. Im really h

Quick and easy

This is a great product. It makes the food softer and alot quicker. All you do is put the food in, seal the top and cook. Much quicker then conventional means. I would definitely recommend to anyone whom is looking for an easy piece of cookware.


When I opened this box I was overwhelmed by the literature, but once I got in there and ready to use it, everything went smoothly. I love that I can make an entire meal in one pot! Everything cooked thoroughly and quickly, yet meat was moist and everything so far has been delicious! So excited about this!

Everyone needs one of these!

The Zavor Zpot pressure cooker is fantastic! So easy to use and so quick! It came with a recipe book that has everything from soups, seafood, meat, and desserts! We first made refried beans because we cook them frequently with pintos, but it takes 3 hrs in a dutch oven. This took 20 minutes!! 10 minutes to cook, 10 minutes to rest! Amazing! And the taste? The same! Delicious. How did I not have one of these sooner. It has a locking lid, once they start cooking, about 2 minutes in , the steam started releasing. This will save so much time in the kitchen. Cannot wait to cook more!

Not empressed

The size is good..., disappointed it didn't come with basket, stuck to bottom of pan even using it on low temp.. Was hoping this would be something I would use often Don't think I will be using it again .