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Noir Skillet

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Customer Reviews

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Egg stuck but washed off easily

These are very good looking cookware. They’re light enough to handle. I had high hope for them, but scrambled eggs got stuck (on the small one) (I used mediums heat). It washed off easily but still one would like not to see egg stuck on the pan. I used the larger one to sear a piece of mahi mahi; it burned badly and the surface was very hard to clean; eventually I had to use bartender’s friend and am not sure if it was good for the surface of the pan.. Admittedly the heat was high, but that’s the whole point of searing fish, isn’t it? And I used it on Zavor’s own induction cooking element. Overall, I’m not impressed.

David Wood
Best Skillets Ever

I absolutely love these skillets. They are incredibly slick and non-stick. They are at least, if not more, non-stick than PTFE skillets I have used in the past, but more durable and healthier. I've also tried several other different kinds of ceramic coated non-stick skillets in the past. These Noir skillets are slicker. Nothing sticks. Nothing. Love them.

Kelleice paul
Noir Skillets

These are some of the best cookware that I have ever ordered.

Paul Whiddon
My only regret is not purchasing the 8 in. & 10 in. skillet set deal.

I recently purchased the 8 in. skillet and I love it. It heats evenly, nothing sticks to it and cleanup is easy with a sponge. Now, I'm going to purchase the 10 in. frying pan. My only regret is not purchasing the 8 in. & 10 in. skillet set deal to save a little extra money.

Pat C
Love this skillet

I have the Zavor induction cooktop now coupled with the 10" Noir skillet. I use it so much that the skillet doesn't get put away but goes back to the cooktop after it has been washed. The skillet performs better than I expected and is wonderful for things like eggs. Clean up is easy with a quick wash with a soapy dishcloth.

Julie Burnett
Easy to clean

Easy to clean and cooks everything nicely without food sticking.

Nancy R

Skillets are so easy to clean and cook everything so evenly

Helen Zapata
Love it!!

I love, love, love this skillet! It browns so evenly and there are no "dead" spots in the pan. I made an omelet this past Saturday and it came out perfect. I will definitely be buying more of the pans. Easy to clean! I have some green pan skillets, but this pan far out performs them!