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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Helene Stone
Just started using the skillet

Cooking in it is a pleasure with my new induction range. Really like the heft.

Love it!! Non stick perfection.

I received my Noir Aluminum 8" skillet, and I'm happy I did. This skillet is awesome and cooks without sticking. I've been able to cook the best pancakes and over-easy eggs imaginable in this skillet among other things. I would recommend giving one a try for yourself!

Great little pan!

The Noir cast aluminum pan is great! The detachable handle makes is perfect for packing it up and taking it to the beach for a little cookout. It made delicious hot dogs, and back home it made great eggs on our stove. It�s non stick and easy to wash, overall, great product!

8" Skillet

I received my Cast Aluminum 8" skillet, and I'm happy I did. This skillet ia awesome and cooks without stick. I've been able to cook the best pancakes and over easy eggs imaginable in this skillet among other things. I would recommend giving one a try for yourself!

Great for cooking eggs!

This little fry pan packs a big punch! I love that it's cast iron and it is the perfect size to fry my eggs. It's also pretty easy to clean, so that's an extra bonus! Perfect for small portions or cooking for one.

Cheryl L
The Best Quality!!

I have never had skillet pans that are on this level!! Let me start by saying that I like the presentation of the packaging. It looked high quality by itself!! Once opening the box, I was blown away by just how sleek these look in person. Just by holding them, you can feel how durable and study they are. The handles don't come attached to the skillets which is also neat because it allowed for the packaging to be more compact. I love the way the handles screw on!! This was a first for me and I didn't even know that type of technology existed. Anyway, the handles screw on very easily and there isn't any wobble or movement. When using either skillet, you literally have no idea that the handles can be removed because they seriously feel like they are made on. Mind blown!! Also, you can buy handles of other colors which is so great because you can personalize it to your own style. If you want to use the black one on Monday, you can use the orange on Tuesday, etc. As far the cooking process goes, all I can say is I'm loving it!! I haven't had anything stick yet and I can start my food on the stovetop, throw some cheese on it, remove the handle, and pop the skillet in the oven to melt the cheese. Easy peasy!! Another great bonus for me is the induction capability. I have had a single induction burner for about 3 years now and I finally got the chance to use it. I made my grandkids some pancakes on it and they were perfectly browned. I don't have any complaints. I have been showing these to other family members and friends and they love the quality as well. I highly recommend these skillets for a single person, family with kids, grandparents, just anybody who is looking for high quality, sturdy, non-stick, and customizable skillets. I don't see how anyone would be disappointed!!


Yes I intentionally used all caps in the title review so that it feels like I'm yelling at you that I LOVE THESE PANS. I've now cooked some of the meals that notoriously are hard to clean even out of non-stick but with these pans everything really slides right now and cleaning is a breeze. Very very happy with these!

Great alternative to Dutch oven

The Noir Cast Aluminum 10" + 12" Skillet Set is an excellent addition to any pan collection. They are lighter weight than a traditional Dutch oven but offer so many of the great qualities. I found that my food heated evenly and loved being able to remove the handles to make with these also. The removable handles made placing them in the dishwasher much easier as they didn't take up as much awkward space that way. Both cooking and baking with these has been enjoyable and I look forward to finding more uses for the dual purpose set.

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