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Noir Grill Pan

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I love this pan!

I never imagined I would love a pan so very much! I now cook everything in it. Beautiful to look at and easy to clean. I've been encouraging all my friends to get one. :-)

Good shape and size

I like this grill pan because it is a square shape instead of round and has a good size to accommodate any type or amount of food. It leaves nice grill marks and is very easy to clean by hand. I have toasted buns, grilled tofu, portabella mushrooms and even Beyond Meat burgers. They all cooked well with no sticking except a little bit with the tofu. Probably next time need to use a spray on oil. I don't have an outdoor grill and this pan is much easier to use than an outdoor grill. I am looking forward to grilling slices of zuccini, eggplant and many other vegetables. I gave this only 4 stars instead of 5 because there is already a small chip in the finish on the outside of the pan and I have not been rough with the pan. Hopefully, that will be the only ding.

Very nice and leaves grill marks as stated!

So I have been using this well over a month now because I like to thoroughly use it at least a month not just one time before I review and I'm still in love a month later. I've used this at least 3 times a week I've hand washed and dishwasher it as well and it's still like brand new. The biggest point I want to make that I see people doing wrong is not reading the directions when it comes to washing pots and pans esp this type and there disappointed when they break down quickly. I use felt pan separators when storing and you still can't tell it's ever been used because of it. It cooks completely even all around and it holds temperature very well. I absolutely love that you can customize the handle colors to match your decor it's a super cute addition I've never seen before and I look forward to receiving the colors I've ordered! It comes with the regular black handles when you originally purchase it. The grill marks are so even as well I'm just completely impressed and will be ordering more I highly recommend!

Best pan EVER!

This pan exceeds all of my expectations! It�s light weight, which makes it easier to pick up than a traditional cast iron skillet. Cleanup is so easy and it�s dishwasher safe! The handle is removable, which makes it easy for storage and placement in the dishwasher. My first use was salmon. It left nice grill lines and kept it from absorbing too much oil. It is definitely my favorite pan and I highly recommend it to any person from beginners to professionals.

Hubby loves

I bought this a few weeks ago for my husband who loves to cook and he absolutely loves using it whenever he cooks on the stovetop. It's perfect for eggs and frying yummy things for me to eat. Would definitely recommend for the cook in your life.

Char Without the Grill

This is a nice little grill pan to use when the weather doesn�t permit for grilling, or if you don�t have a grill at all. I have only used it on steaks so far, but it was easy to use and made very nice char marks and cooked evenly with no hot spots. The pan itself was lighter than most of my other pans (way lighter than cast iron), but very well made. Im a big fan of the removable silicon handle and I think it will add to the versatility! Also a plus, even though I didn�t put it in the dishwasher, it was much easier to clean than expected. Overall a neat addition to our kitchen gadgets!

Love this!!!

My husband and I love it when he grills and he grills often, except for when the weather is off. I loved that the Zavor - Noir Cast Aluminum 11" Grill Pan is perfect for outdoors or for indoor cooking. Great pan for anyone!

great grilling pan

This is a good grilling pan that I used to roast some hot dogs in. They tasted just as good or better than the ones I roast on my gas grill. It was a lot quicker and easier too. The pan cleans up easily and I love that the handle can be removed for storage. The only issue I had with it was that I think the handle is a little too loose. It didn't come off while I was using it, but it made me uneasy that it wriggled so much especially when I removed it from the burner while it was still hot which is why I didn't rate it as 5 stars.

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