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Noir Dutch Oven

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Lightweight and durable!

I really love this product because of how lightweight this cast iron is. The appearance of this cookware is very sleek and modern looking. The lid that it comes with is of wonderful grade quality. It seals in all the moisture when it comes to making certain meals and provides a consistent heat without over drying proteins and soups. It is very easy to transfer with the silicone handles to prevent from hands from getting too hot. The cleaning process is very easy to wipe off and does not stick. I get wonderful cooking results every time. I would definitely buy more of these from this cookware line as gifts to family and friends.

Love the lid

This seven quart Dutch oven does the trick. It can cook in the oven, as well as on the stovetop. As great as this is, my favorite feature is the lid. It is flat and can be placed on any of my pots and pans.

Great product and features

She this Dutch oven pot has a release team hold on the lid which works very well when making my stuff peppers my stuff peppers came out awesome with very minimal water in the Pan I love my Dutch oven . The Dutch oven is so easy to clean Soap hot water and A sponge.

Great product!

This is my favorite dutch oven. Everything comes out clean and nothing sticks. Heats evenly and my cornish hens were so moist. I definately recommend this. It does what it says.Its great in the oven and the stove top.

Awesome for roasts!

I received this Dutch oven and got it washed up to use. It washed well and cooked the most delicious roast with vegetables! My dad was impressed with the Dutch oven and is happy to eat another meal out of it!


I absolutely love to cook and don't have a dutch oven so was super excited to try this. I cooked, sauteed, and baked in it. This dutch oven is amazing, very versatile and I love it! It has removable rubber handles, you can even get custom colored handles if you want. The brochures and instructions that came with it were super nice and easy to follow. Cooking in this was a breeze and super easy clean up afterwards! Highly recommend this dutch oven. Great quality, heavy duty, seals great. Looking forward to many more meals in this!

Great pan

I absolutely love this pan it is by far my favorite one I have! I used it the first night I got it and I made a big pot or Spanish rice and nothing stuck to it and super easy to clean and it holds so much more than my other pots..I will definitely be buying the set that goes with this

Great Product

I received this Zavor - Noir Cast Aluminium 7 QT. Dutch Oven with Lid, from Tryit Sampling. I received it as a free sample, and I love it. I love to cook and cooking with this product it's amazing. My food doesn't stick to it , because it's 100% Whitford ceramic nonstick coating.