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Noir 7-piece Cookware Set

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Best cookset

I bought the Zavor - Noir Cast Aluminum 7 Piece Cookware Set and it's the best set I've ever used. The set looks slick and slick. I love the way it looks and cooks. I recommend this set to everyone that I know.

Love this cookware!!

I got this almost two months ago and I couldn't be happier with this Noit cookware set. The set is durable, sturdy and truly nonstick. The cookware heats evenly and is easy to clean. The detachable handles are very easy to operate and have a great system of attaching and detaching. I love everything about this set and would greatly recommend to cooks of all skills!

Amazing Cookware

This cookware set is all you need. You can use them on the stove top or the oven by removing the handles. All pieces are easy to clean and even easier by removing the handles. This set is totally non stick and cooks everything so evenly. I never have a problem with anything sticking. The quality and durability of this set is superb! Another neat feature is that you can get custom colored handle options. I have already gotten rid of my old cookware because this is really all that is needed for all of your cooking.

Beautiful set

I love this set. It comes with a beautiful saucepan, skillet, saute pan and dutch oven. Literally exactly what I needed for my kitchen. The best part about these pans is that the silicone handles are detachable so you can put them in the oven. It was the reason I chose this set because I haven't seen that before. It makes my life so much easier and cut down the amount of pots and pans that I need. Everything I have made has cooked perfectly and the pans are much lighter than they look, not to heavy to lift with one hand at all. These are the best pans I have owned and highly recommend.

Excellent Quality

These pans are absolutely amazing!! Cooking with them is great. They have a wonderful even cook with everything!! They are big enough to cook just about anything!! When cooking anything greesy the grease basically separates from the food making the food much healthier!! Nothing sticks to them and they are super easy to clean!! I couldn't be happier with the quality of this set!!

Stunning Cookware

I like the Noir Cast Aluminum 7 Piece cookware set because I know it will last me for many years to come. I love how it heats the food evenly, making it effortlessly to cook. You get clear glass lids to keep an eye on your food. Best of all the handles comes off and on for easy storage and cleaning!

Best quality set

I was in need of a new set of pots and pans. I am shocked by how good these are. I love the silicone handles that dont get hot. The silicone handles are removed easily to use the pans in the oven. The sizes of each pan is the perfect size. These are heavy duty without being heavy. These are made with high quality material. They coating doesn't scratch or chip. They truly are non stick. They wash up very easily, they also do good in the dishwasher. I absolutely love these and will buy more . I recommend every household to get these.

A must buy!!

This seven piece cast aluminum cookware set is great for any home and any kitchen. It comes with one Skillet and three pots and three lids. The cast aluminum these pans are made of it's very sturdy and works really really good. I have been able to successfully use each pan and pot and they are very easy to use they are scratch resistant and they heat nicely. The lids fit very securely on the top and create a good area of steam when you are cooking your food. What I really like about these pants is that I can fit them in the oven. You can't always do that with your cookware so I really appreciate that about this set. They are easy to wash and easy to dry and they store on top of each other so that makes them great for small spaces.