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LUX LCD Multi-Cooker

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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Rodriguez
Loving my instapot

Easy to use. The menu guides you thru every step for success


Love it so far, seems very well built. The pressure function is so cool! I wish I had bought this sooner.

Delores Neely
First Multi Cooker

This is my first Multi Cooker purchase. Had I known how much I would love it, I would have purchased it sooner.

I love this Multi Cooker

I am impressed with this LUX LCD black multi-cooker with this metal finish. It has multiple functions on it like a option for pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a yogurt maker, and a slow cooker! It has a LCD screen that is very easy and simple to use with many settings to choose from. This is amazing since I am able to cook so many different things in this cooker! Everything cooks perfectly and cooks faster than normal. I am going to purchase more of these for Christmas to give to my family and friends as presents. Go out and buy you one cause your kitchen is begging you and you will not regret it at all. I stand by this brand and type of this multi-cooker. I see it lasting years since it was made well. Love this brand!!!

Excellent Multi- Cooker!

I got this multi-cooker awhile ago and I've been able to make one meal with it, a curry with rice and it came out wonderful! I wanted to make some more meals and yogurt with my goats milk, but alas my crazy busy landscape season has been in full swing and no time to really cook! So, I highly recommend this multi-cooker based on ease of use and one time use.

Mutiple Cooking Features

Ive used the Lux LCD Black Multi Cooker 8 Qt for a couple weeks now. I love it. There are so many ways this product can be used its amazing. The food has the same great taste you want when not using a crock pot, not the conventional pot. Its great. It frees up my time for other dishes and everythings ready on time.

Great Multi-Cooker!

The Zavor LUX LCD Black Multi-Cooker is my first multi-cooker. I sure wish I would have purchased one a long time ago. It does so many things in just one unit, I was really surprised. I made chicken noodle soup, pork chops with mushroom gravy, pot roast, rice, and an omelet. It came with a cookbook and there are so many great recipes I just can't wait to try more. It's really amazing how quickly I'm able to make meals using the pressure cooker. It's very easy to clean the removable pot too. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and more. It's really amazing all the things it can do. It's just so nice to have one unit that does it all.

Lots of Features

The Zavor Lux Multi Cooker is a beautiful product with a lot of features. One can saute, pressure cook or steam cook and there is a digital screen to show all these choices. For me, using this cooker has been a learning curve. One first needs to read and learn the ins and outs about it.Our first meal was a whole chicken that was first sauteed.This was hard to do with a whole chicken, and afterwards,the chicken came out over-done, but edible. Then, we tried rice and it stuck to the pot. This is where the learing begins. There is a difference between rices with how much rice and water to use. Our problem was using a brown rice blend, which seems to have little wild rice in it. By making adjustments, it was much better the next time. Our next item was boiled eggs, which came out perfect! We will enjoy using the multi pot and learning many different recipes.