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Hillary White
Love the savor lux edge multicooker

Love the 6 qt lux edge multi cooker so much we are also getting an 8qt

Home Cook
Super Item

Bought the Lux Edge Multicooker to replaced a broken pressure cooker and to replace a rice cooker. It functions flawlessly. Very straightforward and EXTREMELY
I've cooked meat, soup, vegetables (including dried beans), rice and more.
I've recommended it to friends who love it as well. They were surprised at how quickly they could make a cassoulet using this item.
Only complaint, the white imprinted figures/writing on the lid disappeared within the first week of using the unit after washing it.
Something embossed/incised or with more durable ink would be better.

Yvonne M
Zavor Edge

This is the best small appliance I've ever purchased. I use it alost every day.

3 in 1 cooker to simplify prepping and cooking

The Lux Edge Multi-Cooker 6qt will be replacing my manual pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker! It is the “jack-of-all-trades” for cooking meals. You put the ingredients in the pot, choose the cooking setting, steam or pressure, and then the cooking function and press start and move along to another task. There is no need to keep an eye on it, as it will do all the work for you and once cooking is complete, it will keep your meal warm until it is ready to serve. It has multiple settings for cooking as a pressure cooker or slow cooker to leave the guesswork out of cooking time. I made pork ribs by first selecting the brown/sauté function. Then I was able to slow cook it on low for 6 hrs. This method produced the most tender, fall-of-the-bone ribs without effort! I then put them in the oven for 10 mins because we like our ribs to be crispy on top; this resembles grill cooking yet so much more tender! The ability to brown and cook in one pot is wonderful and makes prepping and clean-up simple. Using the

Great product

I obtained this LUX Edge multi-cooker a week ago. I made a Mississippi roast in it for dinner, it turned out perfectly tender and juicy. I used the slow cooker function set on low, it cooked very well.

So Easy to Use

I am so excited to own this product. I have owned a similar product different brand and have it away after my first attempt to use it because the instructions were not complete. With the LUX Edge that is not an issue. I made the most amazing Burgundy Beef Tips with rice last evening. I spent Sunday steaming vegetables and making other dishes. Meal prepping could not be better using this. Love, Love, Love!!!!

Great product with great features!

The Zavor LUX Edge multi-cooker is definitely an item you’ll want for your kitchen. I found this multi-cooker to be a proven asset. I’ve used this several times and have not been disappointed! It has many functions from a rice cooker to a slow cooker to a pressure cooker. You can also steam your vegetables in it too! It was very easy to use, the control panel makes it easy to find and set with the buttons. The meat comes out so very tender, I made chicken thighs in it, and they were the best I ever had! My roast and potatoes came out so moist too. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Great product

This is really a great product to have it is like having 3 cookers in one and it makes life a whole lot easier it is fast and easy the food taste really good. It’s also easy to clean I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

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