Sous Vide Cooking in the LUX LCD Multi-Cooker

Have you heard rumors about our multi-cookers being able to Sous-Vide, dismissed them for a while, but kept you curious? You are in the right place! The answer is yes, and in this post we are going to break down what Sous Vide is and how you can do it in your LUX LCD Multi-Cooker, along with some cool tips and tricks.

What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide – pronounced “sue veed” – is a method of cooking where food is placed in an airtight, vacuum sealed bag and heated in a water bath at a constant lower temperature for a more extended time than traditional cooking methods.

Can I Sous Vide in my LUX LCD?

Technically, yes, you can. While most modern sous vide machines incorporate some form of water circulation, it isn’t 100% necessary to achieve similiar sous vide results in your LUX LCD multi-cooker.

On average, most sous vide recipes call for cooking temperatures between 120F to about 180F. The LUX LCD multi-cooker comes with a fully programmable Flex function that allows for complete time and temperature control.

To sous vide in the LUX LCD multi-cooker, you’ll need the following:

  • Bags: a vacuum sealer system is easiest but not completely necessary. Quality freezer bags can be used as alternatives to vacuum sealing. Be sure to remove all the air from the bags if you’re using freezer bags.
  • Clips: whether you use cloth pins, metal clips, or any other clipping device, be sure to securely clip your bags to the pot and avoid over-crowding. The water must be evenly touching all sides of the bag inside the pot.

How to Sous Vide in Your LUX LCD

Select the FLEX function

Plug the unit into a power outlet. Turn the dial to select the FLEX function and press it to select. Set the temperature and cooking time according to your recipe. Press START/STOP and the unit will begin to preheat.

  flex temp sous vide 

Season and bag

As the unit is heating, you can season the bagging your food. As mentioned above, if you do no have a vacuum sealer, a freezer bag with all the air removed will work.

seasoned meat in bag
(cropped image)

Clip the bags

With the food seasoned and bagged, clip the bags to the y-shaped attachment on the underside of the lid. We recommend on bag per rod to avoid overcrowding.

lid bottom Y attachment with arrow

Close the lid and wait

Once the temperature is reached, the unit will beep and switch from “preheating” to “cooking”. This is when you can place the lid with the bags onto the unit and allow the cooker to countdown the cooking time.

flex cooking

Open the lid and serve

After the cooking time is done, carefully remove the lid and unbag the food. Some foods, such as meats, will benefit from an additional searing once unbagged. You can now serve and enjoy your food.

filet mignon with vegetables

For more information or further instructions on how to sous vide in the LUX LCD multicooker, please refer to the updated user’s manual.

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