6pc Home Canning Kit

The 6-Piece Home Canning Kit includes some of the accessories you need to properly preserve canned foods right at home. It can be used to easily and safely water bath can or pressure can some of your favorite recipes.

You Sure Can!

Home canning is a method of preparing and preserving some of your favorite recipes. Zavor’s 6-Piece Home Canning Kit can be used to help easily and safely can right at home and it’s compatible with all Zavor EZLock or DUO stovetop pressure cookers of 10Qt. capacity or larger, if you already own a canning rack.

Easy As Can Be

The tools in this kit can be used for your preferred canning method to get delicious results right at home.

The Perfect Accessory

Combine this 6-piece kit with your existing canning pot and rack for a more convenient canning experience.

Why Can?

When practiced properly, home canning is a sustainable and healthful way to maintain foods. Free of preservativea dn additives, it can also save money and food waste.

Ready. Set. Can!

The included digital home canning recipe book with over 30 delicious canning creations helps you get a jumpstart on your home canning journey.

6 Piece Home Canning Kit Features…

EZLock Pressure Cooker Top View

This kit can be used for water bath canning and pressure canning.

Ladle and Funnel

All components that come in contact with food are BPA free.

Fruits and Canning Jars

Digital home canning recipe book includes instructions for pint jars and quart jars.